Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary works with men interested in losing weight and improving their health as well as women. Men lose weight differently than women – and often will drop weight faster.

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*Results like this may not be typical, we do not guarantee any specific results and results may vary.
In October of 2009, as I stood atop Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, Maine, I came to an astonishing conclusion. I was HUGE! My husband, who had stopped taking pictures of me many years ago, at my request, decided to capture the moment on our vacation. Upon looking at the result, I gasped and made a decision. I was going to begin a quest for health and that meant losing 100 pounds or more.

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I was fortunate enough to have known someone, my dear friend Susanne, who had found a successful support program through her doctor’s office, Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary. She had shown me the way through her loss of over 50 pounds. I wanted that outcome, too, and more. In November of 2009, I met Dr. Jennifer Schmidt for the first time and felt immediately at ease. She assured me that there were options for gaining my health back and my self-confidence. Her staff was also extremely helpful and warm. It makes such a difference when you feel valued and


Mame – Before Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary

genuinely welcomed into the office environment. Let’s face it, folks, we don’t exactly get that everywhere when we’re obese, or in my case, morbidly obese. People look at you with disgust and ignore you when you’re shopping or look right through you as you pass them. I never have felt that response from anyone in this practice.

Over the course of my program I have met obstacles to my progress, but I have been determined to reach my goal. Dr. Schmidt has taken whatever steps necessary and has explored other options to help me achieve success. I can’t say enough about the supportive way I have been treated and how much healthier I look outwardly and feel inwardly. People that see me for the first time in a while can’t believe I haven’t had gastric bypass surgery. I never wanted that for myself because I felt that I needed to learn to deal with my food issues between my ears and begin to eat to live, not live to eat!

I have to say that without the help of Dr. Schmidt, Vonnie, and Lisa, this journey would have been almost impossible. Thanks to them, I am becoming my most authentic self. The goal post is in sight now and I will attain the prize…a healthy body.

– Mame



A friend of mine was losing weight, and every time I saw her she looked smaller and smaller. I finally asked her what her strategy was, and she gave me Dr. Schmidt’s card for Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary. I called the next day, made an appointment for the day after, and started the program two days later.
*Results like this may not be typical, we do not guarantee any specific results and results may vary.

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That was 5 ½ months ago, and I have lost 60 pounds. What a fantastic program this has been for me. If someone had told me I could survive-physically & emotionally- on protein shakes, bars, and soups for 5 months I would have laughed at them. The program is easy to follow and takes the guess work out of meals and snacks while you get the weight off.


Elaine Before

With this program, I have more energy, more self-confidence, a regular exercise program, and most important…the motivation to keep going. I have about 35 more pounds to lose and am as excited and motivated to keep going as I was the first day I started. Compared to other programs I have done, this program has given me consistent weight loss week after week, instead of down a ½ pound, down 2 pounds, up 1 ½ pounds.

Dr. Schmidt and her team are great motivators and very friendly. I can’t wait to get to the Center each week to check my progress. I highly recommend stopping by for a consultation….it will change your life.



I lost 50 pounds under the care of the Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary. Prior to the center, my body was morphing into someone that I did not recognize. Since I love to eat, the changes in my body composition did not stop me from eating until the weight started to impact my health. My cholesterol exceeded 295 and I knew something had to be done.

*Results like this may not be typical, we do not guarantee any specific results and results may vary.

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Rose – Before Doctors Weight Loss Center

Under the care of Dr. Schmidt, I was able to drop the pounds. I was not looking for a quick fix, but a lifestyle change. The Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary took me on a journey to better health, wiser food choices, consistent weight loss in pounds and inches, and a friendly caring staff to help me achieve my goal. My heaviest was 210 pounds. It was very easy for me to lose 10 pounds, but I would always gain the weight back plus more.

I started the program at 199.5 and continued to lose weight week after week. Some weeks I would lose pounds and other weeks I would lose inches. I am very happy with my results and will continue to be monitored by the center. It’s now part of my lifestyle.



Here I am at age 53, on meds for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, bad back, told I was pre-diabetic, no energy, not exercising, out of breath and weighing in at 212 pounds. This was not good, not a way I wanted to be any longer and I knew I was ready for a change.
*Results like this may not be typical, we do not guarantee any specific results and results may vary.
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While I was visiting my physical therapist for my aching back, I noticed how much weight he had lost. He looked and acted better than I had seen him in years. I wanted some of what he had and asked him how he did it. He told me he had been going to Doctors Weight Loss Center for the past 8 months. He told me he went to Raleigh but there was a place in Cary and that day I called to make an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Schmidt. That was back in June of 2010.


Ramona – Before Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary

Today I weigh 160 pounds and feel great.

I have followed Dr. Schmidt’s weight loss plan and have been successful in not only losing weight but all of my lab work looks great now. I still have 5 pounds more to lose to be at my goal weight of 155 pounds, but I’m getting there and I feel so much better! I exercise daily now and have learned so much about my body chemistry and food intake with journaling. This is a life change for me, not a diet, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Dr. Schmidt and her staff have been wonderful at encouraging me and have truly given me the best gift…..my health. Thank you Dr. Schmidt, Lisa and Vonnie!



Being overweight is not fun and there are so many negatives related to it that make it almost unbearable.

For me, it came when my dad had surgery and I had to drive to Virginia, mow his yard and do some of the work he does every week. After the first couple of days I was exhausted, out of breath, and soaked from sweat – I thought I was going to die. 

*Results like this may not be typical, we do not guarantee any specific results and results may vary.

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I was 230 pounds, 40 years old and had a 40 waist. What happened to the trim athletic body I had in college…GONE!


Rod – Before Doctors Weight Loss Center

I knew after that I had to make a change. Not just for myself but for my family, as I was on track to be dead by 50 if I kept doing what I was doing. The last week of that month I went to Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary and quite frankly, Dr. Schmidt and her staff changed my life. I received a plan of action and I made a “choice” to never be the same again.

Within 90 days I lost 32 pounds, dropped my waist size to a 34 and felt better than I had in 20 years. It even helped relieve some of my aches and pains from old injuries. Almost a year later, I have only fluctuated 3 pounds because of the knowledge and information I received.

I can’t say enough good things about Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary and what they have to offer…Now it’s up to you to make a “choice” that will change your life forever.



Thanks to Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary I went from a size 14 to a size 4! I learned so much about nutrition and health it unlocked the secret to my success in weight loss.

*Results like this may not be typical, we do not guarantee any specific results and results may vary.



With a 60 pound weight loss, I am a new woman. As a surgical nurse, standing and walking for 10-12 plus hours a day takes a definite toll on your body. My weight loss accomplishment has resulted in great improvement in that arena. Plus being able to go out and get a whole new wardrobe and getting all the compliments aren’t half bad either!

*Results like this may not be typical, we do not guarantee any specific results and results may vary.

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MaryBeforeFrom the end of April through November I was successful in losing 60 pounds.
I’d been saying for years, “I really need to go on a diet.” Walking into Dr. Schmidt’s office was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She helped me become the new woman I am.

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"I have been a customer for many years and not only did I lose the weight, I’ve been able to keep it off because her approach also incorporates lifestyle changes - and even lost weight during Covid lockdown!!!

I highly recommend."

M. Dior
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