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tape-measure-womanA medical weight loss program run and overseen by an actual doctor is far superior to any commercial or mass weight-loss program can wish to be. Measuring your progress with nothing more than your weight is a mistake – we look closely at things like total body fat so we can get as much insight as possible into your overall weight loss progress. A medical weight loss doctor can prepare a unique diet built to give you the best long-term weight loss results. The most significant factor in this is that you’re able to go to a real person and ask real questions. Instead of Googling something, you can ask someone with absolute knowledge and expertise. Learn more about what medical weight loss is.

Weight Loss Management Physicians

A medical weight loss doctor can help you keep your weight loss on track while maintaining a high level of overall health. If you have a condition that requires medication that may be interfering with your weight loss efforts, your medical weight loss doctor can consult with your primary care physician to prescribe a safe, effective alternative to lift those barriers. Having a doctor overseeing your weight loss progress makes the whole process safer, you can trust that you have a watchful eye over you. At Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary, we will give you the absolute best chance at losing that extra weight and keeping it off. At Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary, we will give you the absolute best chance at losing that extra weight and keeping it off.

Weight Loss & Dieting Fuquay-Varina NC

woman-diet-large-pants-300x300Doctor’s Weight Loss Center provides the people of Fuquay-Varina with expert weight loss plans for any and every body type. So, if you’re prepared to lose weight responsibly, you need to contact us for a consultation today! New and unique diets are popping up about every single day, you’ve undoubtedly heard them tout numbers like losing 5-10 pounds in a week at least. Avoid these at all costs; even if they do offer some short-term results, chances are high it’s not healthy for you or going to last. Learn more about our weight loss plans and programs.

Realistic Weight Loss

In reality, healthy weight loss is all about gradually going down the scale, you only need to lose a handful of pounds a week to meet your goals. For instance, say you lose 2 pounds a week on average for 15 weeks or so. By the end of that period, you will have lost at least 30 pounds, and that’s a ton of weight! It’s never worth sacrificing your health to attempt to lose some weight. It is unhealthy for anyone to lose weight quickly. Learn more about weight loss programs.

Initial Consult – What to Expect

Before we do anything or set any specific goals or plans, we do a highly comprehensive assessment of your health as a whole. We’re going to ask you a lot of questions – here is a sample, so you know what we’re going to be looking for with the initial consultation.

  • Any medications you are on
  • Your work and home environments (active or stagnant)
  • Any certain foods or environmental factors that make you want to eat more
  • We will do a full blood workup
  • We will go over any medical issues you may have to see how they influence weight gain.
  • Your average sleeping patterns
  • Your stress levels

Unwanted weight gain can happen for many reasons, from something as complex as a medical issue to something as simple as living too stressful of life and relying on quick unhealthy meals too frequently. Learn more about what to expect with medical weight loss.

Losing Weight Taken More Than Just a Diet

Everyone’s body is slightly different and has other diets that will work best for you. We all react differently to different things, and you may have to try a couple of different routines before you find something that works well for you. We can’t overstate the importance of getting more physical activity in your life, it makes the process of losing and keeping weight off many times easier. Increasing your activity level is a must if you truly want to go on a weight loss journey. Yes, we understand, it can be so hard to motivate yourself to go work out sometimes. But in the end, when you’ve lost all of that weight, and you feel 20 years younger, you’ll be kicking yourself for not starting sooner! Losing weight is a full-time, full-body effort. Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary is standing by, ready to answer any of your questions or concerns today. If you have any questions about weight loss or are interested in discussing a plan today, please call or contact us! We will be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Not in the Fuquay-Varina area? We also offer our weight loss services in the Holly Springs NC area!

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I highly recommend."

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