Fat-Burning Food Choices

healthy-organic-food-1Fat burning foods are the foods you eat that improve metabolism, eliminate toxins and trigger hormones that release fat making it easy for one to shed off the excess weight. The foods we eat are big determinants of our body weights. If you want to drop some extra body fat, you should consider putting these foods on your menu. Some of the common fat burning foods include:


Apples are great fat burning fruits because they contain antioxidants. This plays a big role in blocking the body from storing fat. Apples contain pectin which regulates the amount of fat that the body cells can absorb. Apples are also high in fiber which leaves you feeling fuller for longer. Make sure you leave the peel on and chew your apple well before swallowing.


Both strawberries and blueberries are fat burning foods. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fiber which regulate digestion and absorption.  Strawberries contain polyphenols that improve blood sugar control, reducing fat storage.

Lean meats

Lean meats like turkey, chicken and fish are good fat burners. For one, they are rich sources of protein and protein will make you feel full for longer. When you eat fish for breakfast, your urge to eat high-calorie snacks before lunch will go down because you will be filling fuller. Another reason to eat lean meat is that you burn a lot of fat to get the protein digested. Digestion is a mechanical process that requires energy. The energy level will vary depending on the type of meal you had.


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Many people tend to keep off grapefruits for fear of fructose. Grapefruits help in activating fat burning hormones. You should consider eating them at every meal. They will also keep you feeling fuller and suppress your appetite. If you don’t feel like eating a grapefruit, you can always blend it to make juice.


Avocados contain monounsaturated fats. When you incorporate them into your diet, these monounsaturated fats helps in reducing the deep abdominal fats. You can eat avocados whole, with meals and use them in salads and juices.

Green tea

Green tea contains antioxidants which stimulate the liver to release fat from body cells. It speeds up the liver’s ability to burn fat releasing energy.

By taking more of these fat-burning foods, exercise, and good lifestyle choices, you will be able to shed off the excess weight and live a healthy life.


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