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Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary works with men interested in losing weight and improving their health as well as women. Men lose weight differently than women – and often will drop weight faster.

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weight loss men cary nc 5However, the basic principles are all the same – and Doctors Weight Loss can help you lose that extra 10 pounds or considerably more. *Results may vary

Job and Lifestyle Can Lead to Huge Weight Gain

Have you been spending way too much time at the office? Your metabolism just absolutely shot? For many men, working all day at a desk and not moving are becoming common daily routines. And it can do a number on your body – and not in a good way. Getting your metabolism back on track and your energy levels back up is just part of our system.

Creating healthy diet plans, encouraging increased levels of exercise – and helping you find ways to work exercise into your everyday routines are all part of working with Doctors Weight Loss Center. Getting up just to walk around for a few minutes instead of

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Don’t just take our word for it (remember, results may vary). We couldn’t get a better testimony than this one from our client, Rod:

Rod Before After2For me, it came when my dad had surgery and I had to drive to Virginia, mow his yard, and do some of the work he does every week. After the first couple of days, I was exhausted, out of breath, and soaked from sweat – I thought I was going to die. I was 230 pounds, 40 years old, and had a 40 waist. What happened to the trim athletic body I had in college…GONE!

I knew after that I had to make a change. Not just for myself but for my family, as I was on track to be dead by 50 if I kept doing what I was doing. The last week of that month I went to Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary and quite frankly, Dr. Schmidt and her staff changed my life. I received a plan of action and I made a “choice” to never be the same again.

Within 90 days I lost 32 pounds, dropped my waist size to 34, and felt better than I had in 20 years. It even helped relieve some of my aches and pains from old injuries. Almost a year later, I have only fluctuated 3 pounds because of the knowledge and information I received.

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Individualized Weight Loss Programs for Men

Each individualized program is supported with ongoing one-on-one care including nutrition, fitness, behavioral motivation, counseling, and in some cases medicine. Dr. Schmidt uses the latest techniques and medical data available in the field of bariatric medicine, including high-quality nutritional products only available to medical doctors. Also available to clients are FDA-approved weight loss medications. Dr. Schmidt’s goal is to provide people with weight issues access to compassionate, dedicated professional specialists. Successful clients who have reached their weight loss goals describe their experience as life-changing and in some cases life-saving!

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"I have been a customer for many years and not only did I lose the weight, I’ve been able to keep it off because her approach also incorporates lifestyle changes - and even lost weight during Covid lockdown!!!

I highly recommend."

M. Dior
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